Basic Scrapbook Material to Get Started

You have just decided that scrapbooking looks like a ton of fun but you are not sure where you should start. First of all, remember that scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve and share your most cherished photographs, and the memories behind them. When you flip through a memory album, you can watch your family grow and change through the years. Your options are unlimited! Even though there is an endless variety of supplies available at craft stores, online store and through local scrapbook consultants, don’t let it over whelm you. All you need are the basics to get started.

First of all, you need to decide on what kind of album you want. There are several different kinds out there; you have your leather, linen, and simulated leather. Make you decision on what you are putting into the album along with the use your album will be getting.

You will need both cardstock and basic background and texture papers. Use the card stock as you base pages and your picture mats. You can also use the background and texture as your mats and to help with titles and journaling. You will also want to look at your specialty papers such as vellums and soft mulberry’s. These will add texture and dimension to your pages.

Cutting supplies
You will need a 12 inch paper cutter. This way you will be able to use it with either the 8X11 or the 12X12 papers that you buy. You will need a pair of ultra fine tipped scissors as well. These will make it easy to get into the tough little nooks when you are cutting out embellishments.

The adhesives come in several different forms. Glue sticks are the easy way to go but there are also glue pens that make it easy as well. My personal favorite is the TomBow double sided adhesive which comes in a easy to use tape dispenser with refills available. Some other fun things to use for dimension is glue dots used to glue buttons, flowers or pictures to your pages and 3 dimensional foam squares which will lift your embellishments off the page.

All your pens you use for titles or Journaling should be permanent, photo safe, fast drying and fade resistant. For dark papers, try opague pens for gel writers. You may also look for archival quality or acid free, these will also help keep the color and not fade your paper underneath.

Now that you have your basic shopping list, remember there are several ways to purchase these items. You can go to you local scrapbook store or shop from home using an online store. Whichever way you decide to go, remember not to get to overwhelmed, start small and grow your supplies. You will find what works best for you.

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