Charlie Crist Program – All Florida Kids Insured

When your child, ages 0 to 18, needs medical coverage and you live in Florida, the Charlie Crist program, KidsCare, is a tailor-made health care program just for your family. With one of the health insurance options made possible by this program, you, the parent or guardian, can have peace of mind that your child is going to be covered if a medical emergency arises or when their well child checkups are due. There is the option for families who make over the median income to buy a reduced cost health insurance as well as plans for families who are low income that include reduced prices of 15 or 20 dollar a month plans and completely free plans.

With the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, the Agency for Healthcare Administration, the Department of Children and family and the Department of Health a great team has been built to ensure that all uninsured children will be well cared for. All you have to do as a parent or guardian is apply to the Charlie Crist program by way of KidsCare. This program has multiple extensions that gives individualized care to the special children they cover. These extensions are Children’s Medical Services Network (children with special needs 0 to 18 years old), Healthy Kids (children 5 to 18 years old), MediKids (children 1 to 4 years old) and Medicaid (children 0 to18 years old). Your child will be placed with correct care extension after you apply to the program.

All of the departments and administrations involved in the Charlie Crist program have specific purposes and care for specific needs of the program. This can range anywhere from assisting families with children who have special health concerns to low income families who need complete coverage to managing the money and customer service centers or even working closely with the federal government to ensure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.

Overall, the Charlie Crist program is there to make life better for all who live in Florida. It is available to make sure that no matter if a child is at school, at home or playing little league baseball they will be covered if and when an emergency or accident happens. Health insurance for all children is the goal of this Florida healthcare program. As always, make sure that you research all of the details before agreeing to any contract or program.

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